About Me

I’m just a simple kid. A bit introverted, but mad ambitious. Yup, that’s me.

Neil Amponin

I'm Neil Amponin

Visual Identity and Website Designer and… to be announced

As you probably know by now, I’m mad ambitious.

You thought I’m just gonna be a designer forever? Nah.

I have so many goals, so many dreams, so many interests.

I want to become a designer (which I already am), a writer, a 2D and 3D animator, a filmmaker, a photographer, a playwright, an author, an artist, a music producer, a composer…and probably more.

I’m multi-passionate about a lot of things.

Hell, did you know that I started my freelancing career as a social media manager? Yup, there was once a time when marketing interests me. I still do, though I just burn so much more for design and arts.

I’m currently a multimedia arts student in one of the universities here in the Philippines. It’s gonna be a tough ride, for sure, but I know — I can feel it — that I can achieve them all.

Illustration of a camera, paintbrush, and notepad (from left to right)

In every project that I do, I make sure that everything’s gonna be...

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Smooth, in a sense, that our workflow would be organized and systematic for the rest of our project timeline.

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Satisfactory results, Satisfactory designs. I want you to part ways with me with a design that’s truly what you were envisioning for your business.

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I don’t want a project filled with miscommunication, stress, pressure, and satisfaction. Let’s keep the project fun and enjoyable!

We’ve been helping establish brands through design and words

How We Work

Discovery Call


Let me get to know your goals and pain points in this free consultation call, and see if we’re the right fit for each other.

Proposal Call


Considering the things you’ve said in our previous call, I’ll present a proposal outlining the project goals, brief plans, project timeline, and your next steps.

Sign and Pay


Once you’ve decided to work with me, you’ll need to sign a contract and settle the 50% downpayment as my payment terms.

Ready to work!


Yay! We’re ready to kickstart our project and get the plans rolling! This is further subdivided into more phases depending on the service you availed.

Ready to create the face of your business?

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